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As the world moves deeper into the virtual space, there are real fears that our communities may experience negative impacts. Assumptions are that more virtual communication is a bad thing, that it will drive us further apart as humans.

But is that really true?

What the virtual world truly needs is a platform that does the opposite, one that connects people and breeds positive interaction.

More importantly, one that emboldens the positive traits of humanity.

My Avatar Nation is that platform.



My Avatar Nation merges the exclusivity of NFTs with important community values. We aim to connect people from all around the world, and create social activities not only in the digital world but also in the real world.

Our core mission is to bridge the gap between virtual and reality, and provide real utility to our members using blockchain technology through MAN’s NFTs.

MAN focuses on individual nations with each NFT collection, starting from Singapore, allowing members to appreciate each nation unique characteristics and cultures. In doing so, MAN doesn’t seek to exclude, rather, it's quite the opposite.

By introducing a host of nationalities, MAN hopes to unite communities that may never have crossed paths and encourage synergistic opportunities.

MAN’s NFTs are artistically designed 3D-Avatars, built on the Ethereum blockchain, intended for our Metaverse usage in the future.

Each of them possesses a unique combination of visual traits and attributes associated to their specific nation.

Upon minting MAN’s NFT, you will join an Xclusive and diverse community and enjoy the plentiful utilities that come along with it.

The end goal is to create a Metaverse whereby members can utilise MAN’s NFTs as their digital identity, forge new bonds in our diverse community and enjoy benefits in both the real world and our virtual nation.

MAN featuring SG AVATARS


SG Avatars Roadmap


Phase 1

  • Creation of 6900+9 3D Animated SG Avatars
  • 3500 males & 3400 females
  • 9 Honorary SG Avatars

Phase 2

  • Marketing campaign through various social media channels
  • Community Building - Discord Server Open (will be closed after a specific period)
  • Gradual introduction of SG Avatars

Phase 3

  • Metajam Participation
  • Contests and whitelists
  • Collabs with other NFT projects
  • SG Avatars full introduction
  • Charity Auction of 9 Honorary SG Avatars

Phase 4

  • Sale of 1965 whitelist slots
  • Public sale of remaining avatars
  • Reveal of 3D animated SG Avatars

Phase 5

  • Download PFP images/videos on website
  • Launch of World 1st NFT HUB with exclusive holders’ lounge
  • Winners of foreign holders Raffle Contest get all expenses paid trip to Singapore
  • Holders IRL SG meetup event on our Opening



Holders enjoy Xclusive access to networking and collaboration opportunities.

World 1st NFT HUB

Holders enjoy special perks and access to Xclusive Lounge. Regular events and special guests’ performances will also be held for holders.


Holders will be able to interact, play and earn at our customized metaverse city.


Holders will be able to utilize MANSHOP to design, sell and earn from their NFTs related merch.

Community Vault

Funds from secondary and MANSHOP sales will be apportioned to MANBANK$ for community usage.


Holders are entitled to 50% royalties from MANSHOP sale of figurines and merchandise linked to their NFTs.


$MAN will be the currency for our ecosystem. Holders can generate $MAN from staking for marketplace and community usage.


Funds will be allocated to MANBANK$ for giving back to the community and contributing to those in need.

NFT’s value

Individual collection will be contained to a limited supply. Our team will also introduce utilities and marketing strategies rigorously to increase our popularity and hence our floor price.

About the Founder

Hi! I am Dennis from Singapore.

I’m not your typical NFT creator who is a tech-prodigy, gifted artist or even a genius investor. In fact, I’m quite the opposite.

I’m a regular guy who has encountered numerous rejections and multiple setbacks but have learnt from my mistakes and always came back stronger.

I grew up in a financially challenged environment without my parents, and depended largely on aids, handouts and scholarships for daily needs and education. As such, I started hustling from a very young age and understood the intricacies of business mechanisms. I started my first “business” when I was 7 and have been involved in various businesses over the years.

Today I have interests in businesses such as clubs, apparels, renovation, and hair-salon. I am also an active stock and crypto trader.

Aside from that, I am a positive and determined person, who subscribes to “Life is what I make out of it.”

I came across NFTs in 2020s and after some unpleasant experiences, I grew to understand and appreciate its usefulness. I love the concept of how people from around the world with different backgrounds, skills and experiences can gather with a common objective to grow a project into something so much bigger than originally intended and provides value to its holders and even the less fortunate. And this is what fuels my passion and make me decide to plunge wholeheartedly into creating my vision.

I created My Avatar Nation with an aim to breed a diverse community platform where opportunities will flourish and provide real-life utilities to my members.

I am determined for MAN to succeed and thrive as a leading NFT brand, and will not rest till this mission is achieved, and even then, will continue to propel MAN to greater heights.

I hope you will also appreciate my vision and help me grow MAN’s community to be strong, positive, and useful.

Looking forward to an exciting journey with you!!!

Our Partners & Collaborators




My Avatar Nation is the world’s first cultural-themed NFT brand which encourages an inclusive and diverse community. We aim to achieve that by launching multiple NFT drops based on different country's unique cultures and characteristics. Utilities will involve both virtual and real-life functions and benefits.

Join me and a community of like-minded people to realise our vision that NFTs are so much more than mere collectibles. Being a member/investor, you will enjoy Xclusive access to the advantages and opportunities attached to the community. More importantly, you will be a pioneer to the most inclusive and diverse nation the world has ever seen.


You will require Metamask/coinbase wallet and will need to deposit ETH to mint. Detailed instructions will be available on our discord channel.

SG was decided as MAN first launch-pad because the Founder is from SG.

SG Avatars are meant for anybody who appreciates the unique characteristics of SG and believes in MAN’s mission.

We value people who genuinely engage with us and help MAN’s community grow. Join our Discord and find out more on how u can achieve the whitelist.

Sale dates will be announced on our website, discord and social media channels.

There will be a 7.5% royalty from secondary sales, and 50% will be dedicated into MANBANK for community usage.

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